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Beers on Tap


Kinkaider - Devil’s Gap Jalapeño Ale.  $6.50  5% ABV.  10 IBU

Our award winning jalapeno ale gives you an intense jalapeno flavor with a slightly heated finish and aroma. The perfection in this beer will please both heat seekers and flavor chasers. The beer that truly has something for everyone to enjoy.


Kinkaider - Grapefruit Radler  $6.50.  NEW 3.5% ABV.  12 IBU

In celebration of the Radler Bike Festival, we've brewed a beer of the same name. An easy drinking wheat blended with freshly brewed grapefruit soda makes for a crushable beer after a day of biking. A collaboration with Pink Gorilla and American Beer Equipment.



Kinkaider - Camp Crush Sour      5.2%  ABV      20 IBU       NEW

This Strawberry Rhubarb sour ale pairs best with fired chicken, salads, or peppery style cheeses such as Monterrey or Pepper Jack and pungent cheeses like Gorgonzola and Limburger.



Kinkaider - Sun of the Beast  $6.60  NEW.  5% ABV

A light ale with a slightly sweet vanilla bump! If a cream Ale and cream soda had a baby this would be it.


Kinkaider - Dan the Wiser White Peach Kölsch. $6.50.  5.1% ABV.  20 IBU

A kolsch with the fresh taste of peach.


Kinkaider - Herd Law Honey  Wheat Beer - American Pale Wheat. $6.50.  5.5% ABV.  22 IBU

A beautiful golden American wheat ale dosed with honey harvested from hives right off the farm. The  grains fed to the cattle next to the hives. A fantastic drinking experience that is farm fresh and full circle.



Kinkaider -Dan the Wiser Kölsch. $6.50.  4.3% ABV.  20 IBU

Dan The Wiser is a German style kolsch that has some mild fruit like flavors and aroma. An all-around great beer to be enjoyed just about anywhere, anytime. Dan likes to pour himself one after a dusty ride on his iron steed.



Kinkaider -Fram the Butcher IPA. 

Fan Favorite IPA 



Kinkaider - Snozzberry Sour $6.50.  5% ABV

The Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries.



Kinkaider Side Show - Dark Cherry Cider $6.50. NEW  5.5% ABV

Aromas of freshly pressed apples with a hint of cherry. The flavor profile includes fresh apples up front with a quick transition to sweet cherry and a slight kiss of vanilla on the finish that brings you back for more!



Zip Line - Copper Alt $6

Subtle nuances of chocolate and hazelnut.



Peglg - Red

Local North Platte Brewery



Pegleg - Apricot Belgian Blonde $6.50  NEW

Local North Platte Brewery



Glacial Till - Passion Pineapple Cider $6.50

Pineapple Cider

Keinekugle's Summer Shandy


Blue Moon 

Coors Light $4  

Busch Light $4  

Miller Lite $4  

Michelob Ultra $4.5O 

 Bud Light $4

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