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Brigham's Brews

Options below are subject to availability.  Taps change frequently due to supply.

Kinkaider - Devil’s Gap Jalapeño Ale.   5% ABV  10 IBU

A unique award winning jalapeño ale that gives an intense jalapeño flavor with a slightly heated finish and aroma. The perfection in this beer will please both heat seekers and flavor chasers. 

Kinkaider - Dragon Juice IPA 6% ABV 20 IBU

Bright, juicy, tropical and citrus fruit flavors with an intense hop aroma from Amarillo, El Dorado and Citra hops give this IPA a smooth, subtle bitterness and clean finish.

Kinkaider - Sun of the Beast   5% ABV  9 IBU

A light ale with a slightly sweet vanilla bump! If a cream ale and cream soda had a baby this beer would be it!

Kinkaider - Herd Law Honey  Wheat   5.5% ABV.  22 IBU

A beautiful golden American wheat ale dosed with honey harvested from hives right off the farm. The grains fed to the cattle next to the hives. 

Kinkaider -Dan the Wiser Kölsch   5% ABV.  12 IBU

Dan the Wiser is a German-style Kölsch that has some mild fruit-like flavors and aroma.   An all-around great beer to be enjoyed just about anywhere, anytime.

Glacial Till - Strawberry Rhubarb 6% ABV

Using a blend of strawberry and rhubarb juices, this cider bursts with summer flavors.

Kinkaider - Snozzberry Sour   5% ABV 12 IBU

Slightly tart and fruity, made with 100% local snozzberries! Snozzberry Sour has been described as similar to Sour Patch Kids candy…sour then sweet, and tends to be a good beer for wine drinkers.

Kinkaider - Grapefruit Radler    NEW 3.5% ABV.  12 IBU

German style wheat beer with sparkling grapefruit juice. A light and sweet beer that is perfect to enjoy in the heat of summer!


Zip Line - Copper Alt

A hybrid style between an ale and a lager. This bronze-hued brew goes down easy with subtle hints of chocolate and hazelnut.

Glacial Till - Passion Pineapple Cider 

The perfect marriage of passion fruit and pineapple. This tropical cider is a great refresher for summer heat or an escape from the long winter!

Kinkaider - Dan the Wiser White Peach  5.1% ABV 20 IBU

A Kölsch style like our Dan the Wiser pairs well with more delicate foods. Being lighter in color, taste, IBU, and ABV, Kölsch is also a great brunch beer.

Kinkaider - Vanquero Mexican Lager

Pegleg - Irish Red  5% ABV  25 IBU

Local North Platte Brewery

Described as rich, dark and malty


Pegleg - Bock   4.8% ABV  21 IBU

Local North Platte Brewery

Described as dark and traditional

Pegleg - Prickly Pear  4.2% ABV  

Local North Platte Brewery

Leinenkugle's Summer Shandy


Blue Moon 

Coors Light 

Busch Light  (can/bottle)

Miller Lite  

Michelob Ultra  

 Bud Light 

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